Terms and conditions.


Order Completion Time
Standard turn around time at Sport Sales is 7-10 business days (although at times may be faster) after, and only after:
- 50% deposit has been placed
- Design authentication form has been completed
- Credit card authorization form has been completed

Any job needing to be completed in under said turn around time will be charged with a rush fee. Jobs will not begin to be completed or processed until at least 50% payment is put down up front. After 30 days of job being completed, if, the client has not paid, Sport Sales will collect the remainder of payment for the job with the credit card on file.

Rush Job Orders
Any jobs that need completion in 5 business days or less will be considered a rush job. Any jobs that fall under this category will be charged a 25% fee of the total job in order to insure job will be complete in time. For example: if your job total was $100 - your new total after rush fee would be $125.

After production process has begun, depending on where Sport Sales is in the process, if the client decides to add on extra items to their order they may be subject to an add-on fee. This will depend on how many items you add on to your order and what production staff would be required to do to re-setup the client's printing job. If Sport Sales deems this an add-on job, clients will be subjected to a $15 setup fee as well as additional charges for apparel and print costs.

Graphic Design
As of 01 January 2016 Sport Sales will be placing art fees into effect. After the art department gets a feel for your project and confirms the design, the art department will begin work. If the client is re-ordering a previous project where no changes are made and artwork is ready, they will not receive any associated art fees. If the client supplies their own artwork that is deemed "print ready" by the art department, they will not receive any associated art feels. Please call the art department at (614) 868-1899 to determine what is acceptable as "print ready" artwork.

For artwork cleanup: the first 30 minutes of artwork design are free. (This will usually cover light clean up or easy vector work, such as simple text.) After the first 30 minutes $35 will be charged per hour spent on the project at hand.

For creating a custom graphic, clients will be charged a flat $100 fee. This includes consultation, the graphic itself, and 2 minor revisions. Any major revisions or major design changes will result in the client being billed at $35 an hour. The art department will gain understanding to the best of their ability and will send rough sketches and receive email confirmations before starting on final artwork image. Consultation and rough sketching is free and not included in the timeframe. A quote will be given to the client for how much time is estimated for their graphic needs. Once confirmed and approved by the client a 50% deposit will be required before the art department begins development of the final graphic. When the project is complete, payment is to be collected in full (if project was completed in a shorter amount of time than quoted, the full payment will be prorated to only charge for time spent).

Any custom graphic designed by Sport Sales is the property of the client. However, unless otherwise stated, the client gives permission to Sport Sales to use artwork in their portfolio and for the use of marketing and/or advertising. After payment has been collected, Sport Sales will provide you with a digital copy of the original artwork which can then be held by the client for copyright usage.

For legal reasons, Sport Sales will not duplicate copy-written material for the final artwork (reference artwork in initial consultation is acceptable). Sport Sales will not replicate any copy-written material that includes company logos, unless, given permission by original artist or company/department in which is at the responsibility of the client.

Sport Sales will not begin any graphics project until the client has completed the design request form. Be as detailed as possible. Clients subject to an hourly fee if graphics team has to continue to revise artwork due to missing or incorrect information.

Clients will supply artwork and/or ideas to Sport Sales for what they are interested in having embroidered. Turn around times for embroidery are the same for screen printing - typically 7 to 10 business days after artwork is approved, deposit made, and apparel is received. Clients will receive a free digital mockup(s) of their artwork if requested as well as sew-outs from the embroidery team. First 3 sew-outs are free, after that the client will be billed for additional sew-out samples. Jobs will not begin to be completed or processed until at least 50% payment is put down up front.

Sport Sales can provide heat-pressed vinyl on just about any type of fabric, including leather. Glitter and/or specialty vinyl will be an additional $2 per inch - starting at a 2" x 14" area. Price per garment for completed custom vinyl orders is $2 for labor. Please contact us for pricing standards.

Specialty Items
Specialty inks include but are not limited to glitter, shimmer, foils, metallics, and puffs. An additional fee of $0.35 per garment is applied when specialty inks are used. When neon, glow-in-the-dark, or reflective inks are used there is an additional fee of $0.50 per garment. If a garment must be flash-cured during the printing process a $0.20 per garment fee is applied.

A fee of $10 is applied if there happens to be an ink color change during the printing process.

Printing on fleece, 100% polyester, or mesh jersey incur a $0.25 per garment fee due to the increased labor time or complexity of materials required to complete the order.

Non-standard printing locations include sleeves, pant legs, bags, above a pocket, around a zipper, and any other non-standard items. There is a $0.25 per garment fee for non-standard printing locations.

Misc. Conditions and Fees
Please allow a 2% spoilage on all orders. Sometimes a garment can be mislabeled or have a sewing error from the manufacturer. Sport Sales is not responsible for any damaged items obtained from the client or supplier, which is why we recommend add an extra garment or two to your order. Sport Sales is also not responsible for items that might be damaged during the printing process. We will advise you prior to the printing process if we think their might be an issue with any garments and/or items.

Sport Sales is not responsible for items after they have shipped via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS. If a small orders is place, the client may be subject to freight charges for shipping and receiving goods.

If a change to artwork is required after the client has approved the final artwork, a $25 fee will be charged to change the artwork.

Sport Sales reserves the right to change their policies at any time without notice.